Unravelling the Skies: The Imperative Role of Drone Digital Forensics in the Era of Open Source Modifications

In recent years, the rapid proliferation of drones has reshaped industries, without doubt offering unprecedented opportunities for innovation, efficiency and the saving of lives.  However, this surge in drone usage has not been without its challenges.  The rise of modified drones utilising open source techniques and ready available tools poses a unique set of [...]

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The process of encrypting DJI DroneID has commenced

If you are unaware, DJI Aeroscope is a drone detection system developed by Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI), a leading drone manufacturer based in China.  Aeroscope is designed for drone detection and identification, providing a solution for authorities and organisations to detect, track and identify drone activities in a given airspace. Aeroscope is provided in two [...]

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New Statutory Instrument Implements Drone Restrictions over 98 Prisons in England and Wales

Effective from January 25, 2024, a statutory instrument will be enacted to impose restrictions on the operation of uncrewed aircraft in the airspace above 98 prisons and young offender institutions in England and Wales (excluding Scotland).  The Secretary of State has deemed it necessary to implement these measures due to concerns related to security [...]

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