Configure TAK Server Connection

iTAK is very particular about how the connection data package needs to the compiled.  Below is verified working setup, modify at your own risk.

Copy the user cert and truststore files to your local machine (“admin” will be whatever the username was you generated the cert for, truststore-root.p12 is the same file for all end users):

  • admin.p12
  • truststore-root.p12

Rename your user cert to…


Rename your server cert to…


Create a file “manifest.xml” with the following content…

<MissionPackageManifest version="2">
  <Parameter name="uid" value="bcfaa4a5-2224-4095-bbe3-fdaa22a82741"/>
  <Parameter name="name" value="testbox_DP"/>
  <Parameter name="onReceiveDelete" value="true"/>
  <Content ignore="false" zipEntry="certs\tak-server.pref"/>
  <Content ignore="false" zipEntry="certs\server.p12"/>
  <Content ignore="false" zipEntry="certs\iphone.p12"/>

Create a file called “tak-server.pref” (using a text editor) with the following content…

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='ASCII' standalone='yes'?>
  <preference version="1" name="cot_streams">
    <entry key="count" class="class java.lang.Integer">1</entry>
    <entry key="description0" class="class java.lang.String">TAKServer</entry>
    <entry key="enabled0" class="class java.lang.Boolean">true</entry>
    <entry key="connectString0" class="class java.lang.String">111.222.333.444:8089:ssl</entry>
  <preference version="1" name="com.atakmap.app_preferences">
    <entry key="displayServerConnectionWidget" class="class java.lang.Boolean">true</entry>
    <entry key="caLocation" class="class java.lang.String">cert/server.p12</entry>
    <entry key="caPassword" class="class java.lang.String">atakatak</entry>
    <entry key="clientPassword" class="class java.lang.String">atakatak</entry>
    <entry key="certificateLocation" class="class java.lang.String">cert/iphone.p12</entry>

Replace 111.222.333.444 with your TAKServer IP and ‘TAKServer’ with the name for your connection

Create a new zip file called “” with the following files…


Copy the file to your iPhone (this can be via email or messaging app).

Open ITAK > Top Right Gear Icon > Network > Servers > Bottom Right + Button > Upload Server Package

Choose the file you saved to your iPhone

You should now be connected.