Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) – Online Course

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Situational Awareness


Secure Functions

UAS Integration


Course Time and Date

Date: TBA
Time: 10:00 – 16:00
Duration: 6 Hours (incl. breaks)
Via: Microsoft Teams
Price: £150

The number of students are limited to 10.  This allows for maximum student-instructor engagement.
The course is suitable for Military or Law enforcement active members, as well as firefighters and Emergency Medical Services.

Overview of the Course Core Topics

  • SETUP AND OPTIMIZATION – Students will learn how to install, setup, and set up encryption for efficient, secure, and user-friendly use. Also, we will guide our students on how to set it up in a way the is useful TO THEIR work requirement. Users will learn how to
  • PERIPHERAL EQUIPMENT CONSIDERATIONS – How to carry on your equipment, Connectivity options in remote areas/cross-team, power considerations, and cables options and most importantly, what else you should run in addition to the APP in order to get the maximum out of it – what where and how.

  • MAP TOOLS – displays base georeferenced imagery and overlays other SA information (e.g., georeferenced points, annotations, etc.). Students will learn how to use the Overlay Manager which allows the Import and display of KML, KMZ, GPX overlays and maps, including online sources, and how to obtain map sources relevant to their home country. additionally, we will cover Location marking, sharing, history navigation-walking/hiking, driving-related Infos.

  • ANNOTATION TOOLS – Students will learn how to use tools that allow contributing SA information in real-time to other elements.

  • ROUTES CREATION AND DRAWING TOOLS – Students will learn how to produce routes, and to designate relevant criteria about the route.

  • MISSION PLANNING / MEASUREMENTS TOOLS – From terrain analysis to planning, students will learn how to employ proactively the app features to generate high level of SA, and terrain familiarity.

Additional topics covered

  • Location marking, sharing, history
  • How to Chat, file sharing, photo sharing, video sharing, streaming for a variety of tactical tasks.
  • Elevation Tools, heat maps, computed contour maps, viewsheds, routes w/DTED, SRTM, including dynamic profiling
  • Hashtags and Sticky tags – for what, and how.
  • Center on Self, Center on other objects (e.g. another person in the network)
  • Range, bearing, and other measurement tools
  • Network-aware geofences with triggers
  • “Bloodhound” destination tracking, including on moving objects
  • Team Emergency Beacons
  • Customizable Toolbar
  • Radio controls and Integration
  • Photo to map capability (aka Rubber Sheeting)
  • Casualty evacuation tool
  • Icon support for a wide variety of First Responder missions with further extensible Icons

This course’s main objective is to bring the individual to a level of which he can autonomously engage and use this APP for his routine work. Additionally, this course is aimed to give students all information needed in order to decide whether this app will benefit them or not.

Before you book

  1. You will need an android device (Tablet or phone)
  2. Please refer to this link, and download the APP on the device you wish to use, in order to check for compatibility issues.
  3. For the course, you will be required to attend with a Web cam and a microphone
  4. During the course, there will be several breaks
  5. No screenshots or video capturing is allowed
  6. The class is designed to be highly interactive. therefore you should feel free to raise questions, and engage in a 1on1 conversation with the instructor.